The Baltic Exchange's robust governance structure ensures its independence. The members of our advisory councils provide vital input into our products and services.

The Baltic Exchange Council (BEC)

This is the governing body which oversees the Baltic, including the Membership Committee and the Charities Committee, in relation to its strategy for membership services, social responsibility, charities and its relationship with its members, governments, regulatory bodies and the global shipping community. 

Members of Baltic nominate from among themselves eight representatives on the BEC who are vetted by the incumbent BEC and approved by Baltic (the Member Representatives).

The Chairman of the Baltic Index Council, the Chief Executive Officer of Baltic and two directors of the Baltic Board will also be members of the BEC. The BEC elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman from among its Member Representatives.

The Chairman of the BEC is invited to attend meetings of the Baltic Board where required.

Denis Petropolous- Chairman
Stefan Albertijn- ex Officio
Mark Jackson- CEO, Baltic Exchange
Guy Hindley
Colm Nolan
Haralambos J Fafalios
Julie Lithgow
Flemming Jacobs
Andy James

The Baltic Membership Council (BMC)

The Baltic Membership Council (BMC) considers new membership applications, oversees the sports associations and social activities operated by the Baltic and manages the important dispute resolution activity of the Baltic Exchange. From time to time, it may co-opt Members who are not BMC participants to provide additional expertise and shipping experience in support of its work.

The BMC has disciplinary powers of censure, suspension and expulsion over Members and is responsible for maintaining proper, ethical standards in trading. Should a member dispute such a decision by the BMC, they have the right to appeal to the BEC.

Colm Nolan - Chairman
Brian Nixon
John M Hadjipateras
Robert Aberdour
Catherine Bacon
Philip Bacon

The Advisory Councils

The Advisory Councils provide forums through which the Baltic Exchange can engage with its membership and serve as a conduit through which the Baltic can discuss the development of the Baltic indices and receive feedback to proposed changes and new products. Each Council comprises not more than 12 persons representing a cross-section of all users of the Baltic indices. Members are appointed by the Baltic Exchange from amongst its membership and serve on the Council for a minimum of one year.

Baltic Asia Advisory Council: - Dry

Jean-Romain Roig - LDC - Chairman 
Bai Peijun - COSCO 
Duncan Bond – Berge Bulk 
Anchan Kishore - Oldendorff 
Mark Davidson - FMG 
Andreas Loftnes - Thurlestone 
Leonard Krijgsman - BHP
Damon Rayfield - Rio Tinto 
Joe Windscheffel - Cargill
Jon Mann - FedNav 
Ronald Kuok - Pacific Carriers

Baltic Asia Advisory Council: - Wet

Anders Mogensen - ST Shipping 
Niels Rigault - BW Gas 
Debra Hampton - Clarksons 
Rajeev Ahuja - Eastern Pacific 
Kyriakos Mezopoulos - Affinity 
Apostolos Boutos - Thenamaris 
Victor Lin - Shell 
Michael Xu - SSY Ben
Hendry-Prior - Howe Rob

Baltic European Advisory Council - Dry

Hans-Christian Olesen - Ultrabulk - Chairman 
Pierre Hordequin - Arrow 
Chris Connolly - Swissmarine
Chen Zheng - Cofco 
Manu Ravano - Ifchor 
Christian Jensen - Bunge 
Brian Nixon - Greenheart Management
Sean Deschamps - Olam 
Yannis Stratakis - A.M. Nomikos
Peter Bekkestad – Klaveness 
Adam Birkett - Cargill 
Guy Campbell – Swire Bulk

Baltic European Advisory Council - Wet

Adrian Wooldridge - Chairman 
Anthony Chandris - Chandris 
Bob Knight - Clarksons Platou
Nigel Richardson - EA Gibson 
Per Heilmann - Maersk Tankers 
Rupert Lawson - SSY
Tom Morton - Galbraiths 
David Collins – Braemar ACM
Harvey Miller - Agelef
Chris Isherwood - Petroineos